“Windows” To Our Soul

Friday Feb 6, 2015 - BY Stacey

“My eyes are here!”

That was the comment made to men caught staring at my breasts rather than making eye contact.

Today, those same words are uttered to our mates – in an attempt to remove them from the spell of their smartphone and bring them back to “us”.
What is going on??

How has a piece of technology replaced the lure of a piece of ass? (I didn’t mean to be sexist.) But, really – people are staring into the screens of their phones and are missing the human being next to them (who is far sexier and more complex than the damn phone).

According to some studies, people check their smartphones an average of 150 times a day.

We are all addicted – but where’s the rush?

And how can we undo what we have done? There seems to be no turning back on the technology now – we don’t even need alarm clocks or datebooks – our smartphone can do it all.
But can it keep us warm at night? Can it console us when we are sad or stressed? (Okay, SIRI has some cute responses for a robot…)


Valentine’s Day is approaching and we want our significant other to feel desired and loved. That means putting down the phone and engaging with our partner.
Does the thought of being without your phone make you anxious and disconnected? Try connecting with your mate instead. Start by looking deep into his/her eyes. We humans aren’t perfect, and yes, relationships can be fraught with tension and difficulty, but it’s all part of that thing called love.

An evening of roses, wine, chocolate, and lovemaking can be so much more fulfilling than checking your email every five minutes.

Let’s all give SIRI a reason to be jealous.
She’s not going anywhere. Unfortunately.

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