Who’s Got The Fairest Vulva of Them All?

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 - BY Stacey

Bleach is for cleaning bathtubs. Your vagina, on the other hand, is self-cleaning. (Photo via CC)

File this under: I don’t even know what to think.


A few months ago, I posted about a product from India that promised to tighten your vagina to make you seem more like a virgin (as though that’s a good thing). But that product has nothing on the vaginal bleaching products being sold in Southeast Asia. (And also India.)


Already, bleaching products for body parts such as armpits, the face, and the body are easily available. But this new one targets a part of the body that isn’t known for getting much sun–the vagina.


The Guardian reports:


A new product said to make women’s intimate areas “fairer within four weeks” has revived the beauty debate in colour-conscious Thailand, where fair skin is associated with opportunity, success and status, and caused critics to question when, if ever, the skin-whitening craze will end.


Bleaching one’s vagina carries greater risks that dying one’s roots. Many of the bleaching products contain ingredients that can lead to permanent skin discoloration and even kidney damage. What’s a little dialysis for a whiter vag? Seems like a worthwhile trade-off.


I really don’t get this trend. I’ve heard a lot of locker room style sex talk from men but one thing I have never heard them complain about was the color when they were getting busy down there. The smell–yes. But the color? No.


I get that this is about how darker skin in certain cultures is associated with lower classes and fewer opportunities. But how would having a darker vagina hinder you in any way on a job interview? Unless it’s a job interview in the red light district.


Ladies all over the world–gynecologists warn against douching. I’d say that this goes double for vaginal bleaching.

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