‘Tis the season for having sex with old flames and ruining your office reputation

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013 - BY Stacey



Tis the season of wishes -
I wish I wasn’t alone
I wish I had a boyfriend
I wish my boss was into me
I wish my husband was more romantic

We all grew up watching too many romantic comedies with happy endings (no – not THAT kind : ) during the holidays and listening to Christmas carols which, for the most part, are about being coupled with that special someone.
It’s cold and dark outside and we want to get cozy and warm – WITH SOMEONE
(thank goodness with all our dysfunction as humans, we still crave relationships). It’s the end of the year and there’s that Holiday party – a perfect opportunity to get drunk and make a move on that person you’ve had a crush on. There’s that “last chance”- throw caution to the wind mentality.
There’s also that desperation.
And that unhealthy thought: “I’m a loser if I’m alone during the holidays!” – the quick fix for that (and we all love quick fixes) is to call that ex – yes, the one who treated you like sh-t a few months ago – but you start rewriting the story and decide he wasn’t that bad. Maybe it was even your own fault. You should call him, you tell yourself. You had such good chemistry. The holiday season makes you forget the bad and only remember the good. After all – it’s better than being alone!
The season is like one long drunken evening – it’s rife with bad choices . But we aren’t in control of it – our needs and desires have taken over and yes, we’ll have quite a hangover as payback, but we’re living in the moment and we can start that diet and dating healthier men in the New Year…