Saturday’s Sex Stories

Monday Jun 1, 2015 - BY Stacey


Okay, some I’m reading the Saturday New York Times while on the elliptical at the gym and I come across not one, not two, but three stories of men who have used their position of power to either molest or sexually harass those younger and certainly much more vulnerable.

Let’s start with the big story about that hypocrital , lying, sack- of –Republican- you –know- what named Dennis Hastert.

Don’t you love how he came to prominence by helping to indict Clinton on charges of sexual impropriety while he himself was in the process of covering up a homosexual encounter he had with a student several years before? (Kind of like Elliot Spitzer trying to crack down of prostitution while he was seeing high priced call girls…)

So, my guess is that good ole’ Denny was either scared witless by his actions that he vowed to never go near another male again – or there will be others who surface with tales of woe about him. What’s so disturbing has been his response – lying to the FBI – and the incredible lengths he has taken and amount of money he has spent to hide his homosexual impulses. There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual! What is tragic is squelching your own God –given sexual nature and spend a lifetime pretending you are something you are not!! Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of – but taking advantage of a student who looks up to you is.

Next we have the Rabbi and the Sauna story about a well respected Modern Orthodox rabbi who for decades made a point of bringing his teenage students, interns, or members of his congregation to sit with him while they chatted – naked – in men’s showers and saunas. He hasn’t been accused of touching the genitals of these young guys (who, no doubt, held him in a place of high esteem) but several of the many men who discussed the situation said that he clearly was looking at their naked bodies and it made them feel very uncomfortable. But this is what happens when men are in powerful positions – the younger, more vulnerable become afraid to say or question any behavior that may make them feel awkward. And so, advantage gets taken and these deviants know exactly what they are doing. Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt refused years ago to talk to a psychologist about his issues. He should be put in jail and then forced to live in a neighborhood for sex offenders – because he knew that he was crossing major professional boundaries under the guise of being a spiritual leader. If seeing the naked bodies of young boys is Rosenblatt’s thing, then he should have sought counseling for it and/or watched male porn online – rather than freaking out countless young men – who now probably need therapy to unload their own feelings about it.

Then there is the story about a teacher in China who was executed for molesting or raping 26 young girls at his boarding school – some as young as 4 years old. His job, according to China’s Supreme People’s Court was “to educate and protect”. No excuses for that kind of sick behavior. And the Chinese certainly have a zero tolerance for sex offenders and don’t seem to give second chances.

Way too often stories of sexual abuse by teachers, priests, rabbis, and employers come to light, long after the psychological damage has been done. These very twisted men used their position of authority and acted out on their sexual impulses with those most precious and vulnerable – our youth.

Boy, I really needed a good shower after the gym today!!

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