Ratings may sink Ronan Farrow’s show on MSNBC

Tuesday Apr 1, 2014 - BY Stacey

Have you noticed that most of the articles one finds about celebrities are full of harsh criticism and are generally mean spirited?
It’s all about “schadenfreude” – everyone is terribly anxious to watch someone suffer – especially those in the public eye.

In this case, gossip has it that Ronan Farrow’s new show on MSNBC is receiving a death knell.

C,mon! Give him a chance!

He’s an extremely intelligent young man and this is his first time having a TV show of his own.

How many hugely successful TV hosts have a string of failures behind them? Probably all of them.

(Not to mention, he has been woefully upstaged the endless daytime coverage of the missing Malaysian plane.)

Practice makes perfect and he is practicing on national TV.

Granted, most host’s first experience is on some small syndicated network where there is plenty of room to experiment and flop,  but it sure does help to have a movie star mother and a world famous comedy writer/director father (OR legendary singer/actor father). Having a recognizable last name defintiely gets you to the front of the line in show biz.

Rumors have it that the show is about to be cancelled due to its extremely poor ratings – while others say that execs are still behind him and know that it takes time for hosts to find their audience and, moreover, to find their own style and rhythm.

There aren’t a lot of young, telegenic, Rhodes Scholars (with a recognizable name) who know the ins and outs of politics like Ronan Farrow.

Besides, those ole blue eyes alone are worth tuning in to…

  • Joel Bensonetti

    The whole of MSNBC thrives on low ratings, if it weren’t for low ratings, MSNBC would have no ratings at all. Why should they can Farrow when he is only doing as horribly (in the ratings) as the rest of this highly unpopular comedy channel (AKA MSNBC) is doing? They’ll hold on to him until the Senate is taken by the Republicans in 2014 and then they will take Farrow’s time slot and give it to some hatchet job reporter that will complain about Republican’s trying to bring spending under control.