NYC Snow Storm Warnings Fail

Tuesday Jan 27, 2015 - BY Stacey








You can’t fool Mother Nature, but she can sure pull the wool over our eyes – especially when it comes to a winter storm.

Many of us in New York City, who feverishly cancelled all our plans, sought out flashlights and other emergency equipment at the hardware stores, and waited on long lines at the grocery stores (including my favorite, the Upper West Side Market, that had a line to just enter the store!) were sorely disappointed that we did not experience “a storm of epic proportions”.

Yes, we all love the excitement/fear – there was a collective spirit around town of wishing each other well through the storm – and we certainly enjoy watching our public officials (no names mentioned Bill DeBlasio – oops!) make fools of themselves by making the bold prediction of us facing the worst storm in the history of New York, but there’s something else that we all experienced: a day of rest.

No school, no classes, no dinner dates, no babysitter, no Starbucks…Wow. How refreshing!

In this day of hyper communication, ridiculously busy schedules, while juggling many jobs and kids – this gloriously winter white, snowy day (with only 7 inches instead of 18 -those inches count, as every woman knows: ) comes as a warm and cozy welcome to us all – to be safe and sound with those we love.

And while a night of cooking a good dinner, watching “Shark Tank” with my family (with the exception, of course, of my teenage daughter – who HAD to sleep over at her friend’s) and excitedly awaiting the storm was perfect, I am still an actress and really missed the drama of a really good blizzard.

However intelligent you may be, Mr./Ms. Meteorologist – Mother Nature knows all. And she gave us exactly what we needed.

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