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When it comes to love and lust, almost every one of us has a  “type”. Most of us find ourselves consistently attracted to those who have the same look or personality style as others from our romantic past., the dating site, has taken advantage of that fact and now, for $5000 they can help you find your “type” by using an algorithm and a photo of your ex.  I must say, I think they are on to something!

Look at Rod Stewart – each and every girlfriend and/or wife looks exactly like the previous one – only the women get successively younger and, of course, he doesn’t age…

Whether you’ve dated scores of people or married your college sweetheart, you probably can find a common thread weaving back to “mommy” or “daddy”.

I was always aware that certain men wanted their “blonde” or their “bitchy type” and even if we had fun, it could never be serious for them, because I wasn’t their type – I was out of their comfort zone.  (I had the maddest crush on Tony Danza when we filmed “Going Ape” but he only had eyes for blondes.)

My father was short, dark, and very handsome. I was almost always drawn to tall, Nordic types – the opposite of my father. But there are just as many people who are attracted to those who clearly resemble their mother or father.

And then there are those who are enamored of someone they can save or fix. I know lots of men who are attracted to highly neurotic, needy women. Go figure.

We all have someone we know who got divorced and then remarried someone eerily similar to their ex, don’t we? We can’t fight our true natures – our entire being gets drawn to another before we even realize what is at play.

Our type can change as we grow and mature, and certainly if the breakup was bad you may want to go for someone completely different; but I believe that our first love (mommy or daddy) has a very powerful affect on those choices.

There was a hugely popular song from 1911:  “I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad…” The songwriter knew what he wanted – why waste time?

Well, leave it to a computer to help you find your next partner who will remind you very warmly of your ex.


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