Love & Acceptance

Thursday Jul 2, 2015 - BY Stacey

Love & Acceptance

Same sex marriages are now legal across the country and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m proud and honored to be an American with a Supreme Court that manages to make decisions that always keep human rights in mind and may be revolutionary. This is one of those cases.
And I’m thrilled for all those who have fought for those rights and can now reap the same benefits that heterosexual marrieds do.

For far too long, gays and lesbians lived in fear for their lives, and lived lives of shame and doubt. Now, at long last, they can feel accepted. ( Isn’t that what our great nation is all about??)

This decision will not only make life better and easier for those who have wanted to legally commit to their partner, but will help – most importantly- those troubled gay and lesbian teens who feel scared to “come out” lest they suffer discrimination from friends or family. Now, they have the country behind them.

Yes, we know there are still huge pockets of religious Conservatives who are stuck in the Dark Ages and judge and discriminate against gays and lesbians and we can’t really change their opinions. But for teens who are struggling with their sexual identity ( and being a teen issue about finding your identity!), hopefully, this new law will help alleviate some of their struggle.
The ghosts of all those homosexuals who lived in shame and secrecy are now smiling and shining their light on our country.
There are too many nations particularly in Africa and the Middle East that need to open their hearts and minds and follow our example.

  • Samaira Khan
  • Sonnenrad

    I was born with fascist tendencies, but I have found people to be so intolerant of my identity that I am scared for my life! What should I do? When will people learn not to hate people just because they’re different? Just because I value order and beauty over decay and the modern animalistic orgy culture of “sexual identity” doesn’t mean I’m not a person too! Someone praise my political orientation so that I can feel validated, too, please. Please?

  • Triturate

    I would be so great if we could just eugenically remove homos from the population. Think about it:

    1) You aren’t harming living homos
    2) Abortion is cool and all that so no complaints there
    3) People won’t have to kill themselves over being called queer because gays wouldn’t exist anymore
    4) It’s not like it’s ethnic cleansing or anything, so it’s all good

    What’s not to love?

  • the prICE wizard

    Oy vey this article is wonderful! I wish this evil nazi conservatives would just accept gay marriages so the gays can get free shekels from the government and this has nothing to do with me profiting from your government debt Goyim. Also those Schwartzers in Arabia and Africa are already progressive enough with their pedophile marriages that involve to 12 year old children and their polyamorous relationships. So could you please check your white privilege before writing another racist article like this?