Is Tiger Mom Racist?

Tuesday Jan 7, 2014 - BY Stacey


If you hated Amy Chua  (aka Tiger mom) before, now here’s a chance to REALLY despise the woman.

This time, she has teamed up with her husband to write a book called “The Triple Package” about the eight “superior races and religions” that make better parents.

To call her a racist is a complete understatement. To call her a shameless publicity seeking provocateur seems more accurate – only now she has her Jewish husband as backup.

Oh – not surprisingly, they include Jews and Chinese amongst the top eight – the criteria being the groups that are financially and academically most successful.

Why two adults would write such an outrageous and non -politically correct book in today’s era, one can only assume that they are looking for attention and publicity.

They identify groups having a feeling of superiority as one of the three pillars in their ‘Triple Package”; and, clearly, this woman thinks her you know what doesn’t stink. She’s a self- proclaimed amazing mother and now, she is making sure we all know that she belongs to a superior group of human beings.

There’s something so completely wrong about this couple writing a book like this. Fine, if they think they are better parents (and people) than almost everyone else in America, but really – keep those thoughts and comments between you and your husband – don’t publish them for the world to see.

They have so blatantly pointed out that only those in the eight groups are superior, they may want to hire extra security lest there is now a fatwa on their heads.

The world needs fewer people like these two smug, obnoxious individuals. Bravo to their children for surviving childhood with those parents.