Five Worst Lies You Can Tell In A Relationship

Thursday May 1, 2014 - BY Stacey











One of the best things about being in a healthy, loving relationship is that you can relax, be yourself, and share all of who you are with your significant other. We are able to be vulnerable like that because we TRUST that person.

But what happens when that trust is broken? What if we have opened our heart, mind, body – our whole life – to someone who we now cannot trust??

We all lie. It’s human nature: “No, honey, you look great” – it’s called a white lie. No big deal.

Even infidelities can be forgiven – look at Bill and Hilary.

But there are some lies that are simply too big to be surmounted.

To me, these 5 are deal breakers:

1. False identity information.
If your partner is not who he says he is, who the hell is he??

2. Criminal background.
If your mate has been hiding the fact that he is a felon, how creepy would that be?

3. Dirty work.
What if you found out that your significant other was embezzling money or making shady deals like Bernie Madoff? Wow.

4. Already married.
A hundred years ago, when men left their wives and children and came over from the Old Country to make money, they frequently started a new family here. But even today, there are people who lie about the fact that they are married. No way.

5. Financial b.s.
How could you ever repair a relationship with someone who has squandered your nest egg? If they lead you to believe that your finances were in order when in reality, you had nothing left to pay for your kid’s college tuition –it would be OVER – no second chances.