Fifty Shades of Pink

Wednesday Feb 11, 2015 - BY Stacey

















We may all be witness to the widely anticipated film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey” be a huge box office flop.

The main reason being, that while most really well written novels are rarely surpassed by their screen versions, this particular, erotic-lite novel was doomed from the get go, as NOTHING is ever as hot and sexy as what our own minds conjure up while reading a book.

I read the novel and it made me warm – not hot. It was nowhere near as exciting as ‘The Story of O” or the short stories in ‘The Pearl”.

The story of a young woman being swept away by an all powerful, young handsome, sexy man who can make her surrender to his every desire – thus sparking her own desires – certainly opened up the eyes and other things for many women who do harbor fantasies of being dominated. Being in touch with your sexual fantasies is crucial if you want to have an interesting and stimulating sex life, and I applaud the book for bringing the notion of S&M to the masses (I mean, it is 2015 and this is not a new concept!)

The trailers for the film look silly and if people do want to see this film, I’m guessing they’ll be much more comfortable watching it in the privacy of their own homes. My guess is it will be out of the theaters are in our living rooms before any real heat gets generated by its fans.

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