Big & Long

Wednesday Sep 3, 2014 - BY Stacey

Is yours so big and long that you are afraid you might freak out your partner when you show it? Will it hurt them?

Or are you really proud of it and flaunt it whenever you can?

I’m talking about your very own, private LIST – a list of sexual partners that you either keep in your head or have actually written down and shared with a good friend and/or lover.

A recent article mentioned Lindsey Lohan’s star studded list as something that she originally wrote in rehab (one of the 12 Steps to recovery is to make amends by starting with a list of all those you may have hurt in the past). All I can say is: “Damn! You got around even more than I did in my day. You, go girl! (And stay sober while you’re at it.)”

Keeping a list of your sexual conquests is nothing new – men have been doing it forever. But welcome to the 21st Century and now we women get to have equal opportunity.

The days of calling a female who has had many lovers “a slut” and a male “a stud” are over.

I slept with more men than I can count (alright not THAT many), and I honestly never thought of myself as “loose” or “slutty”. It was my way to connect and be intimate with someone I liked; and I am blessed that I grew up in an environment that had a healthy, open approach to sex.

My list is big and long and I am proud of it because it reflects who I am and who I was at different times in my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Okay, there probably are a few people who I kind of wish weren’t on it and a few I wish who were on the list (Bill Clinton, Daniel Craig, Curtis Granderson…) but I’m not dead yet. : )

Folks, while sharing your list may be a lot of fun with your best friend, before you show it to your partner, see if he/she is the jealous type. It may backfire and its size may truly scare him/her off.

Your sexual history is a big part of who you are, so embrace it and learn from it.

If you’re married and haven’t shared it with your spouse, what are you waiting for?? If your spouse is threatened by your past, then he/she needs some help to get secure – after all, you’re with each other now. And sharing intimacies like your past sex life can be a very big turn on. Trust me.