Saturday’s Sex Stories

Monday Jun 1, 2015 - BY Stacey

Okay, some I’m reading the Saturday New York Times while on the elliptical at the gym and I come across not one, not two,…

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Thursday May 21, 2015 - BY Stacey

We’ve all fallen for those sexy, dynamic bad boys.
I guess we’re attracted to them for the same reasons some men go crazy for…

Knowledge About Carnal Knowledge

Wednesday Mar 11, 2015 - BY Stacey

I think in our society, we all agree that knowledge is power.
So, I was very disturbed after reading a piece in the New…

Human Desires

Friday Feb 20, 2015 - BY Stacey

Sex. Sex. Sex.
It is not a dirty word, nor is having sex a dirty action. It is a very human drive that we…

Marriage & Social Media Challenges / Stacey On WPIX 11 News!

Monday Jan 26, 2015 - BY Stacey

Facebook and other social media sites are runaway trains.
There is no going back but we as individuals and as couples need to exercise…