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Monday Mar 2, 2015 - BY Stacey

Five Parenting Tips For The New Year

Tuesday Dec 30, 2014 - BY Stacey

1. Remember How Big You Are
We parents often forget how big and powerful we are in the eyes of our children – literally…

Don’t Give Your Kids Alcohol

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012 - BY Stacey

Remember Regina George’s mom in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls? The one (hilariously played by Amy Poehler) who wanted to be best friends with her…

Strict But Loving Parenting

Thursday Aug 16, 2012 - BY Stacey

Overindulged, spoiled, bratty, impolite, overly confident. Does that sound like your child?
If you are a parent with young kids, I bet at least…

Oblivious Parents, Spoiled Children

Monday Aug 6, 2012 - BY Stacey

Last night, I had the privilege of taking my eldest daughter, who is 13 going on 35, out to dinner. It was just the…