Sugar Sugar (Daddy)

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011 - BY admin

What an amazing world the internet is!


There are dating websites for almost every type of relationship including one called Sugar Sugar. I’m sure you can guess what that one is about.


Okay, here’s a hint. Their slogan: Where romance meets finance. If you guessed that this site is for Sugar Daddies looking for Sugar Babies then you’d be correct.


The CEO and founder, Paul Madison, is a self proclaimed Sugar Daddy, who used his business smarts and money to create this hugely popular website.
(He also has a very nice voice!)


First of all, it’s a rare website which boasts 8 girls for every gentleman.

The guys get to stay very busy -  flitting from one pretty, young, college girl who needs to have her tuition paid – to the next.

Basic needs are being met here. Men love to have a pretty girl on their arm (and elsewhere ) and girls love to have men take care of them–financially and otherwise.


Surprisingly, many matches and marriages have been made from Sugar Sugar. And for once, girls don’t have to worry about who will pay. Girls who find men on other dating sites have been asked to split the cost of a cappuccino. Big turn off! But on a date with a guy you met on Sugar Sugar, you won’t be “going dutch.”


The wealthy men have healthy egos about being the caretaker and provider.
And they not only don’t resent paying–they have a sense of pride about being called a rich Sugar Daddy.

Being wealthy helps, but is not a criteria for being a Sugar Daddy. The guys simply want to help a girl who may need a little help paying her rent. They get to be the hero.


Some may think Sugar Sugar is nothing more than an escort service because it is so blunt about the needs and wants of both the men and the women. But I like the honesty of it. Just cut directly to the chase!
Whatever way works for people to meet and have a relationship is okay with me. Besides, lots of girls have the fantasy that they might meet their rich, loving Sugar Daddy who will rescue them, just like Richard Gere did with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.


Now instead of having to stand on Hollywood Boulevard late at night, they can find their Richard Geres online.

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