Shower Sex

Thursday Oct 30, 2014 - BY Stacey


The most important aspect of shower sex is to ensure safety! After all,
most accidents happen at home and slipping when in the throes of passion can result in a serious injury.

If you have one of those horrible plastic showers ( we do!), use extra precaution as they can be treacherous when wet!

( Sorry, guys, the mother in me makes me deal with safety first – even when it comes to sex.)

If you happen to have one of those cool, built-in shower benches, you are in luck and can have a rockin’ good time utilizing that bench – at least one of you can sit.

Unless you and your partner are close in height ( we aren’t), standing up in the shower, can prove problematic. That’s where the floor of the shower gets used and you can both get wet ( pun intended) together.

There are two distinct advantages of doing it in the shower:
1. You have bathroom privacy with a lock on the door to keep the kids out; and they won’t question what was going on as the running water muffles all those great noises emanating from you love birds.
2. Duh – you’re already clean! No need for a pre or a post coitus shower.

I write from experience – but I must say, I am becoming more and more like a cat and hate getting wet – unless I have to ( hygiene not withstanding).
Give me a big bed and silky, clean sheets any day!

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  • Milodevenus

    If you’re taking photographs…whatever you do…DON’T DROP THE CAMERA…especially if you live in Arizona!