Rescue Me

Thursday Oct 9, 2014 - BY Stacey


Fantasies are a vital part of life.

If you’re like me, a woman who grew up without the presence of a father, you probably have lots of “rescue” or “daddy” fantasies.

At the age of 9, I used to watch a popular show called “Medical Center” and fantasized that the incredibly handsome actor, Chad Everett (now deceased) playing Dr. Gannon would save me. I would enact these scenarios in the privacy of my room and it is what made me want to become an actress.

Older men were always the attraction for me as I entered adolescence. Always.

My first real boyfriend was a man 24 years my senior and my first husband was 15 years older.

Well, now I’m older and I still have fantasies – even though I’m a happily married woman to a man 5 years my junior.

My fantasies today still include being rescued. So what could be hotter than the thought of a sexy, well-built fireman saving me? (Firemen are REAL heroes! Seriously.) Well, how about thousands of firemen honoring New York City’s Firemen’s Memorial Day?

Our apartment is near the Firemen’s Monument, and today, my entire neighborhood was filled with thousands of handsome men – all dressed in their uniforms (mmm) – celebrating their Memorial Day. Lots of testosterone.

The amazing character, Samantha, on “Sex and the City” had a fun time with several firemen from her local fire department on one of my favorite episodes. What a gal!!

As I was walking my dogs amidst the crowds of firemen ( smiling the whole way!), I remembered that in a TV movie I did many years ago called ‘The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal”, my character had to jump from a burning building to safety. For the shot, I had to jump about 15 feet down into a net with firemen and stuntmen holding a huge net. It was quite a thrill for yours truly who is petrified of heights. So, I kind of had that rescue fantasy come true – in a movie, anyway.

Now, back to real life. I just may buy my hunky husband a fireman’s uniform for his birthday….

Don’t ever stop fantasizing and making your dreams come true –both in and out of the bedroom.

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