Former Pastor is Selling Sex Toys to Christians

Monday Apr 23, 2012 - BY Stacey

Not what you usually find on your collection plate at church. (Photo by sorian via CC)


Remember Kosher Sex Toys, the website where Orthodox Jews could go and buy dildos and strap-ons and other X-rated items but without the prurient descriptions?


Well, it seems that the Christians have also gotten in on the sectarian sex toy action. A former Dutch pastor, Marc Angenent has opened up a sex toy shop with the Christian set in mind. As reported in Der Spiegel, Angenent is trying to combat what he terms “lust phobia” within the Christian community by talking frankly about fantasies and pleasure.


But his shop, which translates to “Love Garden,” isn’t your typical sex toy website. Angenent doesn’t sell everything–while he ships condoms, lube, dildos, he doesn’t offer whips and bondage gear. (Though, he noted, if he gets a specific request for something, he will order it from his supplier.)


Now that Angenent has left the ministry, he is studying to counsel people in a different way–in the bedroom by becoming a sex therapist. I think that this a wonderful idea. Organized religion has done a lot to make people uncomfortable, even ashamed, about sex. It’s about time one of religion’s representatives did something to undo the 2,000+ years worth of damage it has inflicted on sexual pleasure and satisfaction.


This article also contains one of the best paragraphs I’ve read in a long time:


Marc Angenent is 56 years old, a Christian with a gray beard and gray eyes. He lives in a brick house south of Utrecht. As he answers the door, he steps over 20 boxes of dildos ready for shipping, which he stores in his narrow hallway.


I don’t know about you but the mental image of a pastor stepping over boxes of dildos to answer the door brightens my day.

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