Tuesday Jan 13, 2015 - BY Stacey


To sext or not to sext, that is the question.

Actually, according to a study of over 600 teens,if you’re a teen between the ages of 14 -18, almost 20% of you admit to sending a sexual image of yourself from your cell phone. Twice as many have received a sext.

Now here’s where it gets dangerous: for those who have received a sext, well over 25% of you have then forwarded that picture to someone else. And then that person probably sent it to others as well. And then those people have possibly sent it …. You get the idea here.

Once you hit that send button, your private parts will no longer be private.
Teens are notorious for doing things without weighing the consequences, and impulsively sending a suggestive (or thoroughly explicit) picture of yourself to that cute boy you have a crush on, may wind up backfiring and cause some serious emotional scarring – especially if (when) that picture gets seen by unwanted eyes.
For teens, there may be more reasons to not sext than to go for it.

However, for adults – especially for those in a long time committed relationship – it can be a fun way to start the foreplay. In my opinion, most of us females prefer some sexy dialogue rather than a picture, whereas you men, for sure, prefer a visual image sent via cell phone.

Word of advice: if you are a married, male politician, don’t sext pictures of your long John Silver to others. And if you are involved in an extramarital affair, don’t be stupid and sext naughty words and photos to your paramour. Anything on the cell phone or your email can be very incriminating evidence. Unless, you maybe want to be caught…

Paintings with sensual images have been in existence for hundreds of years and films with hot, sexy visuals have been around for over a hundred years – now we have the smart phone. If you’re going to sext, remember that whatever you send may be used against you some day. Frankly, I think using our imaginations is far sexier than any graphic image that may virtually go around the world.

Don’t do dumb things on a smart phone.