Five Parenting Tips For The New Year

Tuesday Dec 30, 2014 - BY Stacey


1. Remember How Big You Are
We parents often forget how big and powerful we are in the eyes of our children – literally and figuratively.
A grown up yelling at them can be very traumatic and they may act out even more because they can’t express how scared they actually are.

2. Take a Time Out
Getting away every now and then is key to going the distance – being a parent s a marathon – not s sprint, so take some breaks before you break.

3. Make Alone Time With Each Child
If you have more than one child, plan some special time alone with each child. They will never forget those precious times they have Mommy or Daddy all to themselves.

4. Read Bedtime Stories
By reading a story to your child before bed, not only will it give you great bonding time, it will guarantee a better night’s sleep than if they watch TV or use their computer before bed. My favorites have always been fables and fairytales – and of course, “Charlotte’s Web”.

5. Pay Attention to Your Children
Put down that stupid phone and pay attention to what your child is saying and doing!! By allowing yourself to be distracted by social media nonsense, you are neglecting that adorable little creature that is waiting for you to BE with them. Teach your child that they matter most and show them common courtesy and good manners.

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