Father calls sex-ed poster featuring oral sex, grinding too “risque”

Thursday Oct 16, 2014 - BY Stacey

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Father calls sex-ed poster featuring oral sex, grinding too “risque”

Stacey Says
If we don’t allow the schools to teach sex education to our children in middle school, by the time they get to high school it will be too late.

Once our children are in high school (my daughter is now a Freshman) they are no longer our own, but rather, belong to their peers. Any conversations about sex can no longer be addressed to us; and instead, teens naturally go straight to their friends.

Receiving clear, relevant, and accurate information from a qualified teacher while kids are pre adolescent is infinitely better than waiting for them to get false information from their friends on the street. It’s kind of like the game “Operator” – whereby a sentence gets whispered and passed from one person to another and by the end, the message is completely distorted. That is not ho we want our children to get important information about birth control and STD’s.

This father in Kansas has a right to be upset when seeing a sex education poster with information about ways to express yourself sexually when it was shown completely out of context. However, it was part of a lesson in sex ed and there was nothing on the poster that most thirteen year olds haven’t heard about.

Yes, it’s hard to see our kids grow up, and this particular father may be reacting because it was his teenage daughter who told him about the poster and not his son. For many men, the idea of their daughter dating and being kissed ( and other things!) by a boy is as disturbing as it is for a Jewish mother to let go of her son. : )

This is now the year 2014 and we all need to acknowledge the fact that kids are exposed to sex and adult language way earlier than before the advent of the internet. But, personally, I’d much rather have my children exposed to sexual situations than to violent ones.

Without sex, our children wouldn’t be here.
So let’s encourage our middle schools to teach sex ed; and before it’s too late, maybe even we parents can discuss sex – rather than the birds and bees – with our oh so sophisticated kids.

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