Weddings For Singles

Monday Dec 3, 2012 - BY Stacey

A bride with no groom? (Photo via CC)

You think that the idea of weddings for single folks sounds ridiculous? Well, according to this article in The Atlantic, perhaps we shouldn’t find the notion so hilarious.


Citing nearly every article and statistic on the subject that has been published for the past five years, the author points out that more Americans are living alone and fewer are marrying. And even if they do marry and have kids, they’re doing so later in life. This is all old news.


Yet despite the trend showing no signs of abating, lifecycle traditions have remained largely tied to marriage and family. The author cites a 2003 episode of “A Woman’s Right To Shoes”:


Back in 2003, Sex and the City identified a cruel reality about single life: There’s no single-person’s equivalent of a wedding—a time when people travel from afar to bring you gifts and toast your life decisions…Carrie Bradshaw said, “If you are single after graduation, there isn’t one occasion when people celebrate you” besides birthdays, which we all enjoy.



In the above set of clips, Carrie might be measuring how her life and choices are celebrated by others in dollars yet she makes an excellent point about the paucity of options for marking milestones in a single person’s life.


But what would those milestones be? And what would these newly created traditions look like? Or should we modify the old ones to serve a different population and purpose? Can and should single people also have weddings?


According to Allison Benedikt over at Slate doesn’t think that weddings are meant for anyone other than the betrothed couple:


There is, however, one thing you cannot have if you are single and that is a wedding. Sucks, I know. But the thing is, you aren’t getting married right now, or maybe ever, which is totally cool. But you can’t not get married and get married. And it’s true, if you stay single forever, you probably will never receive one of those cards with the flabby-jowled husband and saggy-boobed wife on the cover, and some hilarious gross old person sex joke inside.


I’m sure that for some single people, that’s a pleasure they can do without.

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