Watching An Ex Move On

Thursday Aug 21, 2014 - BY Stacey

Kutcher and Moore in happier times. (Photo via Wiki Commons)

This week, People reported that Demi Moore isn’t taking news of ex-husband Ashton Kutcher’s romance with GQ’s hottest woman, Mila Kunis, very well.


Who can blame her? After all, she was publicly humiliated by Kutcher as a result of his affairs. And then came the divorce and her own mental health struggles. And now–near daily photos of Kutcher with Kunis are being published online and in the tabloids, showing the pair acting very lovey-dovey in public. This cannot be an easy thing to watch.


But thanks to Facebook and other forms of social media, being forced to watch your ex move on with another person isn’t just the province of celebrities. You don’t need the paparazzi hounding your ex-boyfriend in order to discover the new person in his life. You can just look at his Facebook account. Or Twitter. And even if you defriended him (and that’s considered a drastic step by many), he still might appear in your feed, especially if the two of you have mutual friends. If he gets tagged in a photo with a new love, odds are you’ll see it. Even if you’re not stalking him online.


Seeing that can often feel like a sucker punch to the gut, even if a lot of time has elapsed since the breakup and you thought that you were completely over him.


Nearly 60 percent of Americans say that Internet makes it practically impossible to get over past relationships, according to a recent poll. Not only does technology enable you to see what’s going on in his life, it also maintains a degree of connection between the two of you. This makes it easier to pursue things like “friends with benefits” arrangements that might feel good in the short term, but will definitely make it harder to get over your ex in the long term.


So not-so-easy lesson in all of this: stay away from an ex’s online trail. He’s going to find someone new, just as you will. But you don’t need to have your face rubbed in it just as you’re on the mend.

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