Should Marriage Have An Expiration Date?

Saturday Dec 11, 2010 - BY admin

No doubt about it–the institution of marriage needs to be updated. I’m not sure if the notion of having an expiration date on a marriage certificate, as there is on a driver’s license, is the way to go–but it’s a step in the right direction.


Forever is a mighty long time and it’s certainly way too long for almost 50% of married couples. Think about it: Centuries ago, “forever” might’ve meant thirty years tops. Back then, couples married in their teens and most died before the age of fifty. Today, when many couples marry in their mid-late 20s and people live until at least 80 – forever is almost twice as long!



What I do like about the expiration date idea, is that the money wouldn’t go mostly into the pockets of divorce lawyers, as it does now. Anything to keep it out of their hands.


Perhaps if there were rewards or rebates for couples who stayed together for fifteen years or more, that might be a bit of an incentive to at least keep it away from the lawyers and out of the courts.


But I think the real problem is the vow of monogamy especially now that it’s expected to be honored for fifty or sixty years. I mean, really! We are mere mortals with all the needs, desires, and egos.


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