Polygamy & Reality TV shows

Tuesday Aug 10, 2010 - BY Stacey

There are two real issues here : polygamy and reality TV shows…

I’m really not a big fan of one of them – in fact, I think it’s sinful.

Yes, I’m talking about reality television.
I think it is a big part of the decline of class, taste, and intelligence in our country today – or maybe it’s just the reflection it …
At any rate, I find the shows to be in really poor taste — everyone is an exhibitionist and has their 15 minutes of shameless fame.
Not only that, this kind of television programming (and viewing) means that there is far less work for us actors and actresses.

Now to the more interesting complex issue of polygamy –
It’s been around (particularly in the Mormon community) for a long time and it is illegal.
Yet, aspects of it seem to work. Wives of polygamists generally seem happy – the burden of a family and taking care of and being sexually available for a man is shared and made that much easier.
In fact, when watching “Big Love”, I’ve often thought that their lifestyle is almost idyllic.
How great for the wives – I mean “sisters” – to have each other to turn to — and quite frankly, wouldn’t it be nice to pass your man off to a good friend when you’re “not in the mood” ?

I think having multiple wives is the fantasy of many men – unless,of course, they are all giving him a hard time (no pun intended) as is the case on “Big Love” frequently.

I do have a few questions were polygamy to be legalized:
Would you be able to divorce just one wife? and how would you be able to negotiate and split assets when so many others are involved?

Why can’t there be women with multiple husbands?

As long as the women are treated respectfully and fairly, and there are no cults involved – I have no problem with the notion of polygamy.

But I do have a problem with yet one more American household – whether straight or gay, teen or senior, polygamist or traditional – deciding to air their dirty laundry for public consumption.

As interesting as their lifestyle may be – I won’t be tuning in.

Story Link: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/livefrom/post/2010/08/bigger-love-tlc-tries-polygamy-reality-series/1

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