Thursday May 28, 2015 - BY Stacey


Where do I begin??

Why is it that so many “stars” of reality television shows wind up confessing or being convicted of doing some really treacherous things? Why do people watch crap like the show that features Josh Duggar and his charming family??

At any rate, since everyone now has their Warholian 15 minutes of fame and people with little intelligence or talent star on bizarre reality shows – we all seem to have heard that Josh Duggar sexually molested several young girls – including siblings – when he was a horny 14 year-old boy.

The only good news here is that other people who have been haunted by memories of being sexually molested by an older sibling when they were young are now coming out and discussing these damaging episodes.

As for the extremely religious Josh Duggar – uh – is it possible that all the “God” and “Christ” talk has been covering up deviant behavior all along?? And why do I feel like we’ve seen this scenario before? It seems the more someone has to put their religion above all else, they are compensating for some, perhaps, less than angelic behavior.

But I guess Duggar’s biggest mistake is diminishing the harm of his actions by calling them: “a mistake”. Sorry, dude. Sexually molesting your siblings is behavior that can take an entire lifetime -FOR THE VICTIMS -to reconcile!
One of the biggest factors causing eating disorders in women is molestation or incest.

So, thanks for sharing, Joshie, but all the quoting of your scriptures isn’t going to help your sisters and the others victims here. You were raised in a religious household and home-schooled – didn’t your parents teach you right from wrong??
I think as penance, Duggar needs to devote the rest of his life helping victims of sexual crimes.

Oh – and that ridiculous show should be cancelled.