Meghan McCain’s Hypocritical Stance on Adultery

Thursday May 31, 2012 - BY Stacey

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John McCain’s daughter, Meghan has a new book coming out and makes it very clear that “adultery is deplorable”


And who does she choose to make an example of? Former president Bill Clinton. She criticizes him at length for cheating, lying, and breaking his marriage vows. She writes:


This is why, for me, it is a completely black-and-white situation: President Clinton cheated and lied. You can argue all you want, but he cheated on his marriage vows, he cheated on his role as an employer, and he cheated the country from many months of what should have been personal-conflict-free governing. The core actions –- seducing a young woman and having her get you off -– alone are deplorable, but then the way he went on to play the victim was ultimately worse.[Jezebel]


Wait a minute. Last I checked, Bill and Hilary are still very much together and seem to have a great marriage–whether or not they have sex with each other is irrelevant–and are each other’s best supporters, at least professionally. If that isn’t a good marriage after many decades, I don’t know what is.


If Meghan wanted to find an egregious example of adultery, she could’ve looked a lot closer to home. Her father, Senator John McCain has admitted to having had extramarital affairs. He even met and began dating Meghan’s mother, Cindy, while still married to his first wife, Carol. But the real hypocrisy comes from her calling my boy Bill a liar and a cheat, when her own father admittedly had extramarital affairs and even met and began dating her mother, Cindy, while still married to his first wife, Carol. You know, mother of his three oldest children and the woman who waited for him while he was held captive in the “Hanoi Hilton” when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam?


Meghan, didn’t your mother teach you that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? Or write tell-all books?


Just wait until you’ve been married for ten or twenty years and find yourself face to face with a hot, sexy young guy who wants you. You too may live your life in a way that others may judge even though you know yourself and your choices better than anyone else.


Until that time, however, I’m not going to read your book. You clearly haven’t experienced enough of life to write anything of interest and devoid of hypocrisy.

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