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Monday Jan 26, 2015 - BY Stacey

Facebook and other social media sites are runaway trains.

There is no going back but we as individuals and as couples need to exercise respect for ourselves and certainly the feelings and wishes of our significant other.

Marriage in today’s age is challenging and certainly being able to contact your old high school sweetheart with the click of a button when you have a spat with your partner doesn’t make things any easier.

Since the beginning, Facebook has been a site where people can revisit their glory days and the friends that accompanied their past – or has given them a platform to show off how well they are now doing (if they were unpopular in high school).

Several years ago, there was a minister in NJ who forbade anyone in his congregation to use DB because of all the complaints he was getting from his ministry about people looking up and contacting their old flames.

So it’s hardly surprising that FB now comes up in 1/3 of divorce cases.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to connect with someone you cared about in the past – we all sense how short life is – but the danger is not dealing with whatever is lacking in your present relationship and glorifying one from the past.

Couples need to communicate with each other and share their “stuff” – the good and the bad. They may also want to be honest with their partner and let them know that they are in touch with old friends.
If romanticizing the past creates a huge rift, couples to to discuss this and figure out what is missing and see if they can work things out before running into the arms of a fantasy from the past.

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