Marriage Decline

Friday Dec 16, 2011 - BY Stacey

Marriage rates are dropping and the age at which people are getting married is rising, according to a new study.


Are we surprised?

Today, women don’t NEED to get married as they did in the past. They don’t need a husband for financial security and they don’t need one to get approval from society.
Currently, there are more females in college than there are males. And there are more women who are employed today than there are men.

Being a single or a divorced mom these days is perfectly acceptable and a woman who never marries is no longer considered a spinster or an old maid. (Rather, she is envied by her friends who are strapped down with a husband and kids!)



The fact that people are waiting until they are a bit older to get married is a good thing.
Getting an education and a career should be the top priority for younger people today.  Knowing yourself and taking care of yourself are crucial before any marriage vows are spoken. Perhaps this will lead to a decline in the divorce rates.

Not to mention, there are so many changes one goes through in his or her 20′s. You are a different person by the time you reach thirty! Chances are, if you marry too young, you and your partner will grow apart.


I  also put a bit of blame on the internet for diminishing marriage rates. In this overly caffeinated, ADD world, the internet provides an unlimited amount of dating/marital possibilities for people–there’s always somebody better, younger, smarter, richer, prettier,etc. One could conceivably just keep dating and never need to commit.


The study shows that I am not the only one who thinks that marriage may become obsolete. 40% of those polled feel the same way. Interestingly (and perhaps surprisingly), 60% of those who have never married still want to walk down that aisle. I’m so glad to hear that our romantic fantasies are still alive and well even if marriage ceases to exist.


Let’s just ask many of our gay and lesbian friends who are fighting a terrific battle to gain the right to get married in many states–they think it’s an institiution worth fighting for and I agree!

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