Making Time For Sex

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011 - BY admin

Futureworld is here. As we are spending more time on the computer, conducting business and relationships on line. We are becoming more removed from human contact.


And that includes sex.


Yes, many of us are forgoing sex for a good night’s sleep. We are working harder than ever (whether we’re employed or not) and are more stressed than ever. Something’s got to give, and unfortunately for many of us–sex gets put on the back burner. Just when we need it the most–certainly as a stress reliever!


Over 52% of us are dissatisfied with our sex lives. Not good. Rather than be lovers, we are becoming roommates. I know that my husband and I are much more connected and less likely to fight when we are having sex more frequently. (“Make love, not war” really makes sense!)



Ian Kerner, a well known sex therapist, suggests that couples need to make time to have sex at least once a week. In his book, 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex, he talks about how a healthy sex life leads to a healthier life overall.


And he tells us that by doing it once a week, “We will stay more tuned in and turned on instead of tuned out and turned off.” Sex improves our confidence, makes us look younger, feel happier, burn more calories, and live longer. I think, we want all of those things. And besides, it feels good. (When it’s done right.)


And, even if we think of ourselves as good lovers there’s always something new to learn. Practice makes perfect so lets mark “Sex” in pen on our weekly calendar. Or for you techies, put it as a reminder on your IPhone.


And then turn it off and let yourself get turned on.

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