Divorce–It’s Never Easy

Saturday Dec 27, 2014 - BY Stacey

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Today over at the Huffington Post, I’ve published a story about how divorce is always difficult and anguishing. I wrote this in response to a poll conducted in Great Britain (perhaps best known these days as the setting of Downton Abbey) which found that folks that it was too easy to get a divorce. To which I say–divorce is never easy.


I know what you’re thinking–aren’t you the same woman who extolled the virtues of the “quickie” divorce?


Yes, that’s me. Guilty as charged.


Yet in that post, I glossed over one crucial point–that regardless of how fast you can disentangle yourself from your ill-fated marriage, the emotional recovery takes a whole lot longer. And that’s okay. Even if the marriage lasted no longer than the blink of a historical eye (at least in geological time), it might take awhile to move on. You’re mourning dashed hopes of what could’ve been. That stuff hurts.


But just because I can acknowledge the emotional pain that divorce causes doesn’t mean I wish to throw up any additional roadblocks to make it harder for couples to end their marriages. By the time most couples reach that decision, they have exhausted all other options. According to Fiona Wood, a divorce lawyer:


“My experience as a divorce lawyer is that the vast majority of those who divorce only do so after making great efforts to save their marriages,” she told The Telegraph. No one walks out of a marriage unscathed. Not even a Kardashian. (And despite the fact that Kim Kardashian is now pregnant with Kanye West’s child, her divorce from Kris Humphries is still not official as of this writing.)


You can read the rest here.

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