Divorce & Childhood

Monday Oct 18, 2010 - BY admin

Both my mother and my father have been divorced three times. That makes six divorces. (If my father was alive today, he’d probably be on his 5th wife.)


It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that I’d had two divorces before I met my husband (and soul mate and father of my children), Marco.



His parents had also been divorced. Marco, like me, grew up in an environment that was oversexualized. We both saw our parents having dates and often woke up to find strangers in our mothers’ or fathers’ beds.


It also shouldn’t come as a surprise, that Marco and I have much more liberal attitudes about love and marriage than most people. Including a more open mindedness when it comes to monogamy or lack thereof.


Our upbringings, no doubt, have had a huge effect on our approach to marriage. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes, we see our friends, who come from more stable,”normal” homes, and we see how conventional and sexless their marriages are. We wouldn’t trade our crazy childhoods for anything in the world.

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