Barack and Michelle Obama are human too!

Monday May 21, 2012 - BY Stacey

They are happy these days but the Obamas' marriage, like every marriage, hit some bumps along the way. (Photo via CC)

A new unauthorized biography of President Barack Obama has generated controversy. No, it’s not about his healthcare plan or his stance on gay marriage. The book’s author, Ed Klein, has claimed that the president and Michelle had come close to divorcing in 2000, nearly twelve years ago.


The reason for the near-split (which the White House denies): Michelle was very upset that he ran for office against her strong advice. She worried that they would not able to achieve financial security if he became a public servant.  Allegedly, divorce papers were filed.


This news has made a lot of people upset, but I don’t get why. What’s the big deal?


Here they are today, one of the most famous couples in the world, with two beautiful children, financial security, and a seemingly strong partnership. It’s clear that he adores her and looks to her for advice (and learned the hard way to take that advice now!). As anyone who has been married for a while knows, marriage is challenging and, like life, full of ups and downs.


Most couples have experienced some rough times. They might have even gone so far as formally separating. Every long term relationship will be forced to weather some big bumps from time to time. I think the important lesson to take away from this story, whether or not it turns out to be factual, is that if a couple does work through their issues and stick it out, good times might circle back around.


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