There’s An App For Love

Wednesday Dec 26, 2012 - BY Stacey

You can use your mobile device to show love. (Photo via CC)

Last week, I wrote somewhat dismissively of “digital” relationships that are popular in Japan, especially amongst single women. But it’s not like I have a vendetta against modern technology and social media. When used correctly, it can certainly improve your connection and relationship with your partner.


Case in point–the Koupon app from Kahnoodle. Each partner must download the app to their phone and mobile devices and connect their accounts. Once they do that, they can send “Koupons” to one another, promising to do something naughty or nice or somewhere in between. And once the coupon is redeemed by the spouse, he/she has a week to fulfill the terms.


An app like this, unlike the digital, encourages interaction and deepened engagement with another person. And presumably a lot of these coupons will be redeemed for in-person activities, even banal ones like taking out the trash. (Though hopefully most couples will use this app for something more romantic or steamy–such as a dinner for two or a hot shower.)


In a digitized world where we are almost always connected to our smart phones and other devices, the time has certainly come for an app like this.


Just remember–when redeeming the candlelit bath for two, leave the phone out of it.




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