A Site Where Hot Women Travel for Free–and Sex

Wednesday Apr 25, 2012 - BY Stacey

Photo by Michelle Brea via CC

Are you a hot, single woman who wants to travel but not on her own dime? As luck would have it, there’s a new website for you. Miss Travel pairs beautiful women with rich men who do not want to travel solo. Tell me how this isn’t the same idea as Sugarbabies and SugarDaddy websites but with airfare and currency conversions?


I’m not going to judge the girls who respond to these requests–I only hope they use the brains that they do have and not just their bodies and realize that SEX will be required. Remember “Pretty Woman” girls? It pretty much the same thing. Except that there are probably no guys who look like Richard Gere making the inquiries. And you probably won’t get a designer wardrobe out of it, either.


Jezebel’s Lindy West did some serious investigative reporting and signed into the site as an “Attractive” to look at the type of men who have profiles on Miss Travel. She writes:


There are chiseled orange heirs on yachts who are probably liars, bewigged white executives looking for “black or mixed females only,” faux-poetic blowhards spouting bullshit they think makes them sound sensitive (“You have been accused of having too much heart but you know in your soul this is the only way to be”)


To read the online copy, however, you’d think that instead of a high end traveling prostitution ring, Miss Travel was akin to a miles earning credit card:


The website provides an incentive system that allows Generous members the ability to gift frequent flyer points to Attractive members (hence gifting them the gift of travel). Attractive members who accumulates enough frequent flyer points may redeem them for free airline tickets and hotel rooms, allowing them the opportunity to travel the world for free.


While I believe that prostitution should be legalized, it is a lifestyle that can be full of physical and psychological damage. If you are that desperate to travel and want to feel good about yourself and your choices in life, there are plenty of better ways to see the world than with someone who feels that he now owns you for the duration of the voyage.


Ladies, I thought we were all smarter than that.


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