Is Sexual Addiction a Real Disease?

Tuesday Aug 5, 2014 - BY Stacey

Hypersexuality Disorder (HD) or sexual addiction or that thing that David Duchovny admitted to having when confessing his marital infidelities might now be getting…


Losing Virginity Later In Life

Sunday Jul 13, 2014 - BY Stacey

In her humorous memoir, Bossypants, Tina Fey wrote about losing her virginity late–at age 24–to the ┬áman who is now her husband. (For those…


Keeping Your Marriage Fresh

Saturday Mar 8, 2014 - BY Stacey

Happy New Year!
Last month, The New York Times ran an article about the dissipation of passion in long-term relationships. It seems that the…


Are Non-Monogamous Couples Happier?

Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 - BY Stacey

Monogamy for most of humanity has been the “gold standard” for generations for most of humanity, excepting the Mormon Church. (Fun fact: The Mormon…


Dan Savage on Cheating

Friday Dec 28, 2012 - BY Stacey

Dan Savage, host of the Savage Love Podcast and advice for The Stranger, a Seattle alternative weeklyn (his prolific ways astound this blogger/writer) has…