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Friday Dec 5, 2014 - BY Stacey

When it comes to love and lust, almost every one of us has a  “type”. Most…


Bill Cosby’s Betrayal

Tuesday Nov 25, 2014 - BY Stacey

“I think the mistake we women make is that we fall in love with the artist and not the man”.
Those words were written…


What Happens If You Fall In Love With Your Shrink?

Wednesday Nov 12, 2014 - BY Stacey

In cities like New York, it seems like practically everyone is in therapy, no matter the socioeconomic strata. And for many, that once…


Shower Sex

Thursday Oct 30, 2014 - BY Stacey

The most important aspect of shower sex is to ensure safety! After all,
most accidents happen at home and slipping when in the throes…